Our company

Our vision

We power your digital growth through joy.

Our mission

To help employees worldwide achieve digital growth and success through our joyful companion, wherever their careers may take them.

Our promise to users

Our promise is to take your personal learning and skill development to heart and to be the fun-loving guide throughout your career!

Our culture

If you were to visit our office, you would see that our culture is a relaxed one. We are flexible in how and when we work and we understand our tasks at hand and put in the work to finish them. 🤩 We often have lunch together, chat about our personal lives, jam out to loud music, and sometimes even help each other find apartments during breaks. 🏡 We genuinely care about each other and even though we're not always physically together and some of us have never met in person (although we will when it's safe again!), we feel connected to each other and to our mission.

Our culture

Our values

Here you will find the values that are most important to us as an organization. These values drive our daily actions and are integral to who we are as a unit. They help set the tone for how we work internally and how we interact with our partners and customers. 💯


Humor & Joy

If you've checked out our photos or online content, you can already tell that humor, joy, and playfulness are important to us. We love to have fun and bring joy to others. It's a huge part of why we do what we do!
For employees, this means cracking jokes, celebrating birthdays, and laughing a lot throughout the day. As a partner or customer, you can be assured that working with us will bring you enjoyment, a sense of ease, and an empowered energy which will assist you to proceed productively (and smiling!) in your day.



Creativity is considered in every step of what we do. We push ourselves to create new and fun experiences for our customers, while also thinking of ways we can try out new strategies and bring something to the world that no one else has built before.
For employees, this means that we might take unorthodox ways of achieving things or try out techniques others wouldn't attempt. As a partner or customer, you will love our creativity because we make your heart beat faster and your brain happier – whether it's a funny animation or we put you in a stunt plane (✔ yes, we've done it!), prepare to be blown away.



To achieve goals, no one can go at it alone. Which is why all our projects are team-based: Whether it's brainstorming animations, creating campaigns, reviewing code, or implementing new learnings, everyone's strengths come together to get the job done.
For employees, this means sharing ideas, providing feedback, thinking flexibly, and bringing our endeavors to life. These efforts and more come to light when you work with us as a partner or customer. Our open-dialogue, two-way street thinking style, fun way of working, and care for all your desires show you that we will be the best teammate.



We believe being truthful with yourself, your colleagues, your clients, and your work drives an efficient and happy workplace. We also understand that communication, conflict, and differences of opinion occur in every company.
For employees, this means working to understand the perspective of others, remaining honest yet respectful, and that we take responsibility and own what we do to move forward with the company's best interests in mind. For you as a partner or customer, you'll know that the wool isn't being pulled over your eyes – we stay within our expertise so you know what to expect. Hey, don't just take our word for it – the proof is in the use case pudding.



As a start-up, we have an extra special arrangement with perseverance. We believe in hard-work and putting in the effort to overcome whatever we are faced with and not letting anything stop us.
For employees, this means when a challenge arises or a new curveball pops up, we commit to the time needed and use of all our values to see us through. The age of technology is in full swing, so as a partner or customer, you need to be confident that who you work with will stick by you for the long haul – rain or shine (mostly rain here in the Netherlands), we are here to stay.

This is who we are

All of us


Co-founder & alpaca fanatic

Meet Sjoerd! He is the man behind the very idea of this place and leads all endeavors commercial and outreach focused! After years at Microsoft, he took the leap to venture out with a new idea, started working with Thomas, and they haven't looked back – so, here we are! 💡 You'll find Sjoerd typing away at his desk on many tasks or making others laugh during his Teams meetings. He is from the Netherlands, enjoys road cycling, and always has time to get a cup of coffee with you. 🚴‍♂️ Connect and chat with Sjoerd on LinkedIn!


Co-founder & alpaca expert

Meet Thomas! The man running the big plans behind our continuous technical advancements and creative content growth! You'll find Thomas bee-bopping around the office with music always playing and a great big smile after hearing a good joke. 🎶 He is from the Netherlands, has been in the tech industry for over 10 years and is all about collaboration – he leads or works on a project with every member of The Herd! 🤝 Want to hear more from Thomas?! Connect and chat with him on LinkedIn!


Content producer & master of the BEEP (universe)

If you've seen one of our videos, graphics, animations, images, or something else from us, chances are that master beeper Mitch has had a big hand in it. 👨‍🎨 Whether he's behind the camera yelling, "Aaaand action!" or creating all things alpaca-y, he's also always in fresh supply of dry literal comedy. He is from the Netherlands and has his own YouTube channel! 🎥 Want to see more from Mitch?! Subscribe to our YT channel!


Customer Success Manager & life happiness guru

Sven is all about managing the success of our customers and that's why he's our customer success manager! 💪 He likes to get creative to make sure WorkplaceBuddy isn't just any alpaca, it's your alpaca. Sven is from the Netherlands and likes to go see his favorite football team, play games, and hang out with family and friends. 🏟️ Want to meet up with Sven?! Send him an email today!


Lead developer & office plant whisperer

Tim is all about the web nerdiness. 👨‍💻 He stays busy with everything technical – from finding bugs, turning on/off buttons, writing code, answering questions, and making sure everything you don't see behind the scenes flows smoothly, he does it. Tim is from the Netherlands, loves to watch tv series, hang out with friends, and listen to electronic music. 🎧


Back-end developer & creative melomaniac

Yura has a wide variety of skills and experiences that he brings to the table! He enjoys using them while contributing to the exciting technological advances of the funniest bot ever (his words and we agree)! 🤖 He is from Ukraine, is passionate about music and is always making others laugh and smile. 😁 Want to ensure Yura stays creative?! Keep sharing your ideas with us on social media!

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