What are learnings?

Learnings are short explanatory videos about the Microsoft 365 apps. After you watch a video, you can do a short quiz to test your understanding. When you finish a quiz, you will get a surprise. In these online trainings, we show you how to actually do certain actions for various applications. All of the learnings are also tagged, so you can easily see which Microsoft 365 app or scenario it's about. Our learnings are quick – only 2-3 minutes each.

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A full library

We have over 1,300 learnings about Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Excel, Planner and more. You can find all the learnings in your profile in Teams. The suggested ones for you – based on the interview – are shown on top. You can search for specific learnings as well. Or are you looking for all learnings about, for example, Excel? Select by product!

Just an example of one of our learnings

Find what you need with tags

Learnings are labeled with several tags. We have the following tags: product (Word, Excel, etc.), mastery ( beginner, skilled, etc.), scenario (collaboration, organizing, etc.), audience (desk workers, management, etc.), business (saved time) and platform (web, Windows, etc.). The tags help organize the learnings, select which ones are best for you, and allow you to easily find what you need.

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Monthly updates keep you up to speed

Every month we add new learnings to the library. We track Microsoft's latest 365 updates and create or refresh learnings from there. Also, we learn a lot from our end users. When you ask questions that don't have a learning yet, we make one!

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