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Let's get to know each other better

The interview helps get to know you better – in just 5 minutes we know how to help you in a personalized way. We assess different metrics such as: work-related scenarios fit to your responsibilities, your learning preferences, and your skills on various tech topics. Based on your interactions with WorkplaceBuddy, your profile stays up to date to offer you a tailored experience.

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Seeing is believing, check our demo video to see WorkplaceBuddy in action

If our app wasn't available 24/7, it'd probably go teach at a university

What's the meaning of life? Yup. We have an answer. What are pivot tables? Oh yeah, we got you. WorkplaceBuddy is always there for you. We're proud to automatically answer almost every Microsoft 365 related question — and some other questions as well! We give you an instant response and thereby prevent new support tickets from being created. In some cases, there is not an immediate answer available. When this happens, the team is ready to help: We ensure that you receive an answer to your question so you can quickly proceed to doing what you do best!

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Our users love our learnings, we receive an average feedback score of...


Relevant learnings, personalized at scale

Increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities of everyone with bite-sized videos about every Microsoft 365 related topic. This increase will create impact in terms of collaboration, productivity and working safely on both personal and organizational levels.

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In just a few clicks you have WorkplaceBuddy in Teams

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Positive engagement makes people happy

We want to bring a smile to your face and help you learn cool things you can put to immediate use! As you can imagine, it's hard to engage everyone with the same message. That's why we've created targeted campaigns filled with fun creative content to help you build skills and to help you learn in a way that matches your needs. From Microsoft 365 onboarding to the funniest alpaca pictures; from top Teams tricks (and tongue twisters!) to awesome PowerPoint animations: We have it.

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