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Decreasing your support costs and at the same time offering your customers a way to grow digitally, that's what WorkplaceBuddy will do for you. But you as a partner can do more: You can build on top of the WorkplaceBuddy platform. This capability offers opportunities for you to stay engaged with your customers (and their employees) and help them achieve their (digital) goals. Through WorkplaceBuddy you unlock an extra recurring revenue stream, while you enable your consultants to create more impact.

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IT shouldn't feel like a struggle

For customers, new IT software might feel like a struggle. "What software should I use when? Why do I need to change? How can I stay productive?" As a partner, offering training sessions is useful, but scalability issues and software updates still exist, making training out of date after a certain period of time. On the other hand, offering reactive support can become expensive - and the time of your IT experts can be used for more valuable help - so what should you do?

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Enable your consultants, drive growth at scale

Your consultants can use the WorkplaceBuddy platform to measure needs, find champions and integrate adoption and support strategies. By doing so, they can enable digital growth at scale and at the same time ensure the right messages are pro-actively delivered to the right users. With this process, you offer a positive customer experience and a high return on investment. With our Partner Center, you can easily add customers and distribute your own unique learnings, surveys, campaigns, and chatbot answers. Plus, measure everything you need to stay on top of your customers' progress and desires.

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