Keeping up with IT changes is challenging: WorkplaceBuddy helps.

Organizations can use the intelligent Teams app "WorkplaceBuddy" to reach employees at scale and achieve digital results faster. With WorkplaceBuddy, you can set up target groups within your organization and send them tailored video nudges to encourage employees to take action and get the most out of their digital workplace – and keep up with changes.

Our team consists of young, passionate individuals. We work with bi-weekly sprints and quarterly goals. Enjoyment in our work is essential, and our sprint and quarter-end celebrations are always quite legendary.

It works!


In a tidy workplace, you can truly focus on building: this also applies to development. Keeping up is important, just like maintaining a clean environment. Our code base is spic & span, ready for further development. From a tidy UX with gamification elements to smart video streaming. From fun (a game in our app) to AI (chatbot).


We develop surprising, inspiring (video) content using a lean & mean method. We’re not afraid to push boundaries – after all, if you always do and communicate the same way, no one pays attention anymore. We experiment thoughtfully, and if an experiment succeeds, we smartly integrate it into our workflow. Our mascot is the ever-friendly, sometimes slightly clumsy alpaca – and we take good care of him!


We don't like complicated hassle, we do value direct contact with our customers and smart actions. Our proven and simple Wave method is our collaboration model. The combination of the customer, our consultants, and the WorkplaceBuddy app lays the foundation for scalable, data-driven success... with video nudges that strike a chord. Additionally, we stand for a pleasant collaboration and celebrating successes!


"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses" – Henry Ford. As an intelligent challenger of the status quo, selling to customers is an exciting process: WorkplaceBuddy cannot be compared, not with a standalone training, not with a video, and not with a chatbot. The combined product, along with our substantive knowledge, is a game changer for our customers: but the customer must dare, and from sales, we reach out as best as we can


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