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"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

Yep, you probably get about tens, hundreds, or even thousands of questions a day where the answers seem totally obvious to you. With WorkplaceBuddy, all Microsoft 365 related questions are taken care of – automatically. Imagine! You become the hero of your organization by educating your colleagues about Microsoft 365, answering all related questions, and are able to send specific target groups your best jokes: It's not a dream, it's a reality with WorkplaceBuddy.

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You can power your computer with the latest CPU, the glossiest graphic card, the maximum memory, but... if you don't game or don't have any complicated AI stuff to do, you won't get the best out of your computer. The same applies to your IT efforts, you can give your colleagues the flashiest hardware and software, but if they don't know how to use it, it's hard to make progress and even more problems can bounce back at you. If your colleagues have a basic set of digital skills, it would make their lives and yours easier, because they would feel ready and prepared when you introduce new technology. So, start by educating your colleagues with WorkplaceBuddy; then you'll be able to more easily advance the organization technologically. Plus, with their upskilling, you'll get more time and space to build and develop even more cool IT projects!

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WorkplaceBuddy is available inside Teams app. If you want to try it out for yourself, give the free light version a try – if you want to distribute it to your colleagues, admin permissions are required. With these permissions, we only read from the Active Directory what's necessary to contact and send your colleagues the right content. After this, users can log in to WorkplaceBuddy with their Microsoft credentials. Everything we do is hosted on Microsoft Azure in West-Europe, specifically Amsterdam, and all data is sent securely with 2048-bit SSL. Want to get creative? We got you. We have an API that you can easily connect to and build your own dashboards or experiences. You can even embed our chatbot on your own support pages with just a few clicks. Have questions? Let us know!